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Choose your pricing plan

  • Indie AF Tribe

    Perfect for Aspiring Designers
    Free Plan
    • Access to IFC Private FB Group
    • Indie AF Podcast Super Chat
  • Indie AF Business

    Every month
    Perfect for Designers Looking to Grow Their Fashion Business
    • Exclusive access to business, photoshoot, and backend setup
    • Access to private FB Group
    • Monthly Zoom Q and A Calls
    • New Lesson Once a month ( Live or Pre-recorded)
  • Indie AF Couture

    Every month
    Perfect for designers looking to perfect their sewing skills
    • Exclusive Weekly/Monthly Bridal Sewing Videos
    • Access to IFC Private FB Group
    • Exclusive Plus Size Bridal Content
    • Monthly Q and A Zoom Calls
    • Access to Business Content
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