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Are you an entrepreneur seeking to align your professional journey with your spiritual growth?


Look no further! 


"Empowered Entrepreneur: 30 Days of Devotion Devotional" is your transformative guide to harmonizing purpose with profit.


Delve into a month-long journey that combines powerful daily devotions with practical business insights. Each day, you'll discover enlightening reflections, empowering affirmations, and actionable steps designed to amplify your entrepreneurial spirit.


Key Features:

  • Spiritual Nourishment for Success: Infuse your business endeavors with a deeper sense of purpose and spiritual grounding.

  • Daily Reflections: Thoughtfully curated devotions provide daily inspiration and motivation to fuel your entrepreneurial drive.

  • Empowering Affirmations: Affirm your goals, dreams, and potential for boundless success.

  • Actionable I